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These paintings dissect and interweave fundamental elements of nature, food, and culture – of movement, and impulse – that might be labeled theatric. My motivations stem from the confluences between the seductive excesses of food culture, the vanity and illusionism of traditional still life painting, and the constructed spaces of computer generated scientific imaging.

Plate to Platelets  2016 - 2019

Delightful, Delicious, Disgusting 2011-2015

Links to reviews of this series are in the 'Press' section. Including Artnet Magazine, Village Voice and Hi-Fructose.

Stomach Acid Dreams 2009 - 2010

Adventures of a Reluctant Omnivore

Complexities of the Garden

Zymotic Tonic 2001-2004, Stomach Acid Dream 1998-2000, Internal Icons 1993-1997

A sample of work from various series - To inquire about paintings please visit 'contact' section.

Meat & G(l)aze:
Ongoing series

The Birds & The Bees:
Ongoing series